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Playing Golf

Golf Care Massage

Golf care massage is a type of therapeutic massage designed specifically for golfers. It focuses on relieving tension in the muscles used in the golf swing, improving flexibility and range of motion, and reducing the risk of injury. It may also enhance performance by increasing energy levels, reducing fatigue, and improving focus and concentration on the golf course.

Golf Care Massage

A special care for your golf journey!! Most of us consider it as an easy sport, but every part of the body is affected when you swing the club. Almost all the muscles are critical to a golf swing and require special training.


We offer specialized golf care massages for people who love this game and would like to play more. It’s a whole massage that starts from your shoulders to the core body muscles.

Safeguard yourself from injuries and focus on building a flexible body structure with high-end massage therapies.


Prevents tightening of muscles and increase the oxygen intake. Our massages have a greater impact on your mobility and positioning. 

We focus on enhancing your health for various other sports like tennis, badminton and archery!! Enjoy your sport with whole-heated mind and body!!

Book an appointment for exciting massage therapies!!

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